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2021 SEO Trends
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11 May 2021

Acing the Keyword Game during the Pandemic

The world was trying to recover from last year's shock of the pandemic and yet again we are stuck with the second and third waves of the dreadful virus. People are still home and hence the only option to pass time is being online. A huge percentage of people spend more than 8 hours on average being online.

Since the entire world is online, tapping into this opportunity and ensuring your brand has a visible online presence is vital. Now how can a business succeed in getting people to know their brand with minimal spending and without using paid/sponsored ads? The answer is using apt SEO techniques.

Since people are searching for news on the pandemic and a cure for Covid there are some keywords that are trending on Google. You can write content that incorporates these related ad words and subtly relate them to your brand. It is more of a pull strategy than a push strategy. So words like Covid-19, home remedy for Covid, vaccine, etc are the trending keywords. If you were to include these keywords in your content whilst investing some money to push your brand name it will definitely appear in the top 10 searches of Google results pages..

Another popular tool used for marketing is Instagram. It’s gaining more popularity than Facebook and various other social media sites. The reason for the popularity is the way the content is put out. The Insta stories and reels are sure to entertain you for hours. You can spend a considerable amount of time scrolling these feeds. So how can you make use of this platform to gain eyeballs? You can post sponsored ads, and the Instagram algorithm will help your ads appear on the relevant searches or Instagram profiles. This in turn can help you divert the traffic to your website or even your brand's Instagram or Facebook page.

While people are stuck indoors thinking about their future travel plans and what they will do when things get back to normal, another trending method is to use this to your advantage. The best way to do this is to include travel keywords as a part of your content so that those searching for travel related topics will find their way to your website. Try studying popular destinations and including them in the description on your website. It can immediately jump up the popular searches on the search engine. Hobby classes, entertainment, ways to stay focused, fitness, and effective work from home tips are some of the other trending topics on the internet. Working these subjects into the content you create can have a huge impact.

An interesting free tool that Google provides is Google Trends, which lets you see “what the world is looking for.” This is a valuable tool that will help you understand the popularity of searches over a certain time frame, providing you with information on the popular keywords. You also get some other interesting data points such as interest by region, related queries and topics which could be useful when collecting keyword data.

So make the most of it while people are out and about less by utilising keyword trends to get your brand noticed.

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