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5 of the Most Common SEO Mistakes
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25 July 2022

SEO is a game of what suits you best. It isn’t a one size fits all thing. However, there are many pitfalls that are common with SEO. Are you falling victim to some of the most common SEO mistakes? Here is a look at some of those that can be avoided easily.
Unclear SEO Goals
Setting clear and achievable SEO goals is important. SEO can help with establishing your brand, creating organic leads, bringing quality traffic back to your website or increasing sales. However, to really benefit you need to be aware of what exactly you hope to achieve with your SEO strategy so that area can be focused on. Going forward without a clear picture in mind is one of the most common SEO mistakes.
Non-Responsive Websites
A responsive website is one that can be viewed seamlessly on any type of device. More than 50% of web traffic is generated through mobile browsers and Google favours responsive websites when determining its rankings to ensure all users have a positive experience. If your website is non-responsive, then you will be at an immediate disadvantage in terms of your SEO performance.
Old School SEO
The digital world is dynamic. Google and other search engines roll out updates constantly and the search algorithms are forever changing. Not keeping up to date with the changing trends is another common mistake that many commit. It is important that you go to an SEO company that ensures commitment to modern SEO practices.
Slow Site Speed
Slow website loading speed is one of the most common mistakes that can deter your SEO efforts. Sometimes website designers go overboard with videos and photo content which has an immediate effect on the website loading time. A smartly designed website is all about the right mix of design and functionality. Slow loading time increases the bounce rate and has a detrimental impact on your SEO.
Duplicate Content
Duplicate content means content that is identical to either other websites, or other pages of your own website. Although Google does not impose a penalty as such for content that has been duplicated, it is likely that it might affect your ranking.
These are some of the most common issues with SEO strategies which can easily be avoided. If you are in need of search engine optimisation in Midhurst or anywhere throughout West Sussex, get in touch with us today.

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