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6 Social Media Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore
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18 March 2019

Like it or not, social media is now playing an increasingly pivotal role in shaping company marketing strategies.

As little as five years ago, this certainly wasn’t the case, but today, businesses of all sizes are starting to realise the influence that the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and LinkedIn can bring to bear. As a result, more and more organisations are turning their attention to social media marketing (SMM) at the expense of traditional marketing tools. The most important reason for this is that SMM helps you reach out and engage with your target audience like never before. Instant response! Plus, the cost of engagement is way less compared with other routes to market, e.g. printed brochures.  

Furthermore, SMM trends are constantly evolving as they start to gain greater acceptance, not just amongst established brands but also start-ups.

Here are six of the most powerful trends that are worth your attention in 2019.

1)Videos and Virals

Lights, camera, action! Offering an instant and visual mode of communication, a short 30 – 60 second video can be a powerful marketing tool where you can impart plenty of information in a short space of time. By keeping your message straight to the point, this can have an immediate impact on the viewer. You’ll want them to love it, but the main objective is to encourage them to share your video and the reach of your communication to an ever-wider audience, with plenty of positive comments and likes.


As an alternative to making direct contact with the plethora of press and media outlets available today, Instagram TV is one of the best tools for product launches, live events and news content. Reach out to your target audience through your own live TV channel!  Not only does this require minimal investment, with some tweaking to your initial spend, you can boost this form of communication, so that even more viewers tune in.

3)Augmented Reality

With apps like Snapchat and Instagram having filters, larger audiences are finding increasing use for them. You can supplement these filters with pop up ads.

4)Bloggers and Influencers

Instead of approaching traditional media and press directly, associating with bloggers and influencers, who deal in a similar field, is the best way to reach out organically to more focussed followers. Your audience will be automatically filtered so that your communication is specifically targeted, rather than ending up all over the place. Whatever your service or product, there are almost certainly going to be bloggers who specialise in your area of activity.  Connecting with them can be an extremely cost-effective use of your marketing spend, helping you to push your messages fast - through posts, comments and videos - across a range of online platforms.  

5)User-Generated Content

The best sales team you can have are your customers! Their input into your marketing strategy can be worth its weight in gold. Favourable customer reviews, comments and testimonials can be very persuasive in convincing your audience to do business with you. This is very different from blogger and influencer communication. It’s more of a pull than push strategy, where a happy customer is endorsing your product or service. Seeing or reading an existing customer’s endorsement of your product or service could be all it takes to convert your next sale.  

6)Advertising on Online Channels

In this mobile driven, on-the-go age, traditional television stations nowadays have a job on their hands competing with online channels. This has provided advertisers with an abundance of new and innovative marketing opportunities. As examples, you can opt for in-series placements or pop up ads, which have the potential to reach out to a large, content-receptive audience.  

These are some of the top SMM trends that are well worth considering as part of your current mix of marketing activity. Contact Ecomsolutions to see how we can help.

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