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Boost your Organic Social Media Engagement
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22 November 2021

Engagement and reach are two important factors that you need to continuously improve if you are on social media. Although paid social media has its benefits, organic social media is one of the key factors when it comes to engagement.
Now what exactly is engagement? It does not have to be a direct dialogue between you and your clients. It can be in the form of likes, comments, shares or saves which become a part of the analytics. Such high engagement means a steady stream of followers and likes that works towards making a loyal brand following.

Here are a few quick tips to boost your engagement:
Get to know your audience:
This is one of the most important factors. Knowing your audience well will give you an insight into what they tend to react to. This will help a great deal in planning your posts as per the likes which will ensure maximum engagement.
Once you know your audience and they begin to react to your posts, you will be able to ascertain what works best for you. Insights are important. These will help you create strategies to maintain a steady flow of followers and keep your engagement high.
High quality of content:
Quality content is very important. If the quality is not intact, you are bound to lose your followers within no time at all. Make sure that you plan well and consistently create videos, reels or images that stand out.
Hashtags are vital! They are a very important tool that can be utilised for gaining organic likes and a social media audience that remains engaged. Hashtags make sure your posts pop up on the relevant news feeds to help gain new followers.
Follow trends. There are several trends that pop up every single day on social media. Make sure that you create posts relating to these trends so as to garner more attention.

These are a few of the things that you can try to incorporate in your social media strategies so as to boost your organic social media engagement. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Horsham, get in touch with us at Ecom Solutions.

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