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How does SEO Content Strategy Work?
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23 August 2022

Did you know that having a stellar content strategy is an important element of your overall SEO efforts? Have you been doing your own content writing for your website? If so, it is important that you focus on the right content strategy so as to ensure that it works in your favour. Sometimes everything is on point. The content is great, informative and well updated, yet it fails to drive traffic back to your website. If that is what you have been noticing, there are certain things that you can keep in mind so as to maximise the benefits of a content strategy.

For a good content strategy, you should firstidentify your target audience. Once you know who you are targeting, the content strategy becomes more effective as you are creating content that your audience will be interested in. How do you understand who your target audience is? Simple! Have a look at your current client base. You can segregate your customer base into different categories such as:
·  Demographics in terms of age, gender etc
·  Hobbies
·  Interests
·  Socioeconomic status
·  Occupation etc
With this information you can create a general outline of your target audience that will help you create the right content strategies.
Once you have your target audience in place, the next step is having a list of topics. The topics should be based on what your audience wants to read and learn about. When you have a few topics selected you can then move onto your keyword search. Keyword research helps you identify the right phrases or terms that you should use on your page so as to rank highly across the search engines and attract a target audience. The keywords must then be integrated in your content for better search results.
When we talk about content it does not just mean the written word or blogs on your website. It is an all-encompassing term which includes photos, videos, blogs, guides, podcasts and more. Having this versatility is important if you wish to keep your audience engaged and ensure that they keep on coming back.
No matter what kind of strategies you are putting into action, one of the most important things to do is ensure that you regularly review your strategies. Analysing your content is important as it will give you an insight into the various metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, time spent on the website, pages visited and more.
Content is very important and no SEO strategy is complete without a content strategy that is on point. If you master the art of optimisation of content for SEO, you will definitely be able to drive traffic back to your website. If you require website search engine optimisation in Worthing or the surrounding areas, get in touch today for more information.

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