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Important Tips for Typography in Website design
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15 November 2022

Web design is 95% typography. – Oliver Reichenstein
This statement is absolutely true. A website ultimately comes down to the way it looks and the way it communicates with its end user. If a user does not find the text and visual appealing, the website has lost its meaning then and there.
The font style, font type and flow of writing account for most of the typography.
Some tips about typography to keep in mind while designing a web page to make things easier for you:
1. Maintain consistency
Visually, using a lot of different fonts and fancy fonts does not appeal to the user. It is distracting more than engaging. It is necessary to have consistent fonts throughout the website to keep the user hooked onto it.
2. Simple fonts and content
Apart from the fonts being simple and legible, the flow of contents and the language used needs to be semi-formal or informal to keep the user interested. If there is too much complex and convoluted wording used, the user tends to get bored of reading.
3. Recognition and marketing
Using the same fonts across the website and other social media platforms allows users to stay connected to your brand. It helps them recognise your brand with the font used which can leave a long lasting impression.
4. Sentence length
You may have a lot of information you want to convey, but limiting the length of a sentence prevents it from becoming tedious. A mix of short and long sentences will keep your writing engaging.

5. Font colour
Colours play a major role in the visual of the website. Make sure the colours you choose for your design and for your font work together in harmony and it isn’t difficult to read.
Apart from these, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind when it comes to the typography of a website. A website is the base of your brand and most likely the first impression to the user. Spend time in creating your website the right way. And for this what you need is a good website designer who will understand your brand well and translate it creatively into a fitting website design.
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