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Infinite Scrolling: An Important Design Trend
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27 June 2022

Infinite scrolling has been a trend that has been around for a while but as of late has become increasingly popular. It is much more than just a design trick or trend though! A scrollable website actually helps encourage better user engagement and interaction.
The infinite scrolling option always encourages users to discover new content simply by scrolling and not clicking. When scrolling is the option the information that a user takes in is much more than if they have to click. Most users find themselves tempted to scroll just a little more as opposed to actually clicking and opening new pages.
With scrollable websites, once you reach the end of a section the next part automatically shows up. This type of website design is best suited for websites that cover a wide range of information.
There are plenty of website operators who have jumped on to the infinite scrolling website design bandwagon this year. And yes, this can be done in a search engine friendly way as well. Infinite scrolling can be successfully implemented with the help of detailed design guidelines that are available from the search engines themselves.
If you search around, you will find plenty of beautiful website designs that incorporate this design trend. If you are considering a website design that incorporates infinite scrolling, get in touch with us at Ecom Solutions. If you have any requirements for website design in Horsham or the surrounding areas, we are here to deliver!

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