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The Basic Elements of Web Design
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14 September 2021

Web design is not just about creating a good, visually appealing design. There are many other aspects to take into consideration which contribute to the success of the website. By success we mean how engaging it is, whether it achieves the desired responses from the users, whether visits are converted into sales and the like.

Here are 5 Basic Elements of Web Design that play important roles in the success of your website:

1) Content
2) Usability
3) Aesthetics
4) Visibility
5) Interaction

Why is content an important part of website design?

People often tend to overlook content in an effort to add to the visual appeal of a website. But while it does help to have a visually appealing website, neglecting the content in favour of it can have a negative impact on its search engine ranking. Your attractive website will be a waste of time and effort if it is not visible. A website with precise but quality content is often a search engine favourite and will definitely get noticed. Striking the right balance between good looks and good content is an important element of good web design.

Importance of Usability

Imagine you are attempting to navigate a website and are finding it to be complicated. How long will it take you to leave that website and instead visit a competing website that offers an easier experience? It’s likely to be seconds rather than minutes. That example highlights just how important usability is! If your website is user friendly, it will reduce the bounce rate and make sure that your visitors are well engaged. Usability is important as it ensures that users can find what they are looking for and complete their planned task without hassle.  


This element does not need justification! You want your website to get noticed, it needs to shine! Simply put, when your website design is aesthetically appealing, you create an attractiveness bias which is bound to appeal to your users on a very visceral level. Website aesthetics are a mix of several elements such as the use of colours, images and videos, typography consistency, continuity and alignment etc. Over and above these elements, aesthetics are a reflection of your company, and hence should be designed keeping in mind the nature of your business and its genre.

Is your website visible?

Website visibility ensures that your website is found on the internet. There are millions of websites out there and if you want yours to be found, it should appear in the results when your potential audience is searching for the products and services that you offer. And the best way of doing this is to ensure your website ranks highly in the main search engines such as Google. Your website design has a direct impact on the visibility. A good website will successfully engage its visitors. The better the engagement, the better it will do in searches. Lack of engagement will lead to poor rankings, which means fewer clicks, which then causes your ranking to be damaged further. It’s a vicious cycle.


Interaction design is a process where your website is designed with a focus on creating web interfaces that are engaging with logical actions. It is all about creating user experiences with principles of good communication. If you encourage positive interaction with your website, you will reap the benefits.

As the number of websites increases with each passing day, the competition in the market is getting tighter. When it comes to the design of your website everything is interconnected, and no elements should be ignored when it comes to its design. If you want it to stand out and become a success, your website should incorporate all these elements.

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