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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords
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05 October 2020

If quality of traffic is important over quantity of traffic, long-tail keywords is the way to go! While precise and small keywords will bring in a higher number of visitors to your website, long tail keywords are more specific and will attract a lesser but targeted audience with a better potential for converting into sales. Long-tail keywords are less common as they are more specific to your product or service.
How will you benefit from long-tail keywords?
To begin with - less competition. Since these keywords are more specific, it is easier for you to rank well as very few websites will have similar ones. 
The more specific and longer the search term, the easier it is to rank your website for it. It becomes easier for you to find your target audience for your niche. Keeping your focus on a specific set of long-tail keywords will allow you to garner good traffic altogether. 

Again because of their specific nature, a visitor who will reach you through these has more potential to convert and is more likely to buy your product. These keywords are used by buyers when they are close to a point of purchase. 

Since we have a lot of clients who deal in antiques, here is an example: 
If you are an antique furniture dealer, the chances of your website appearing at the top of organic search for the keyword ‘furniture’ is quite slim since there is a lot of competition there, for antiques and new items.
But if you specialise in antique country style furniture, then keywords such as ‘antique oak farmhouse table’ will place you well on the search engine. 
Again, antiques being a niche market, your audience will be more filtered with such keywords and are more likely to buy your product. 

With long tail keywords, it is all about managing your keywords by establishing better lines of communication between you and your customers who are actively shopping your kind of products or services.

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