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Tips for Ecommerce Website Design Services UK
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10 December 2018

To survive in this competitive world, you need to be at the top of your game if you want to stay ahead.
No matter what you are selling - clothes, antiques, electronics or baby care products, setting up an Ecommerce Website is very important. Your online shop needs to be dynamic in order to be noticed and for it to work well in your favour.
Here is some advice from us should you plan to set up a new ecommerce website or if you have a website that needs a few changes to improve its performance. 
·         An Ecommerce website should be designed in such a manner that the journey from browsing to selecting the products to checkout should be as quick and easy as possible. When you are searching for a particular product, often a number of ads and sites pop up in search results displaying the same products. But how often do you actually complete the process on the first site you choose? The reason for bouncing off can be anything from a website layout and function, a brand that is not well known, or slow loading time to a tedious checkout process.
·         Creating a good brand is very important. Customers will tend to go for a well established brand rather than going for an unknown one.
·         Your Ecommerce website must be aesthetically appealing, but most importantly it should be easy to navigate through and the process from the landing page to the completed order should be quick and easy. This will definitely improve your chances of converting visitors into customers.
·         Engagement is the key to the success of any website. So it is always better to pour time and energy into increasing the engagement. Know that websites with great customer engagement will always win favour with Google. 
·         Focusing on making offers and discounts visible is very important as it helps a great deal in driving up traffic.
·         For Ecommerce websites, it is essential to ensure that it is mobile friendly. Many of your potential customers are likely to browse on their phones and devices when shopping rather than through websites during their free time. So, if your website gets stuck up or the products take forever to load, your potential clients are going to jump off to the next website.
·         If you have many products (especially websites that have third party sellers), is very important that you have the right ‘Filter’ options available on the website to make sure that their search procedure is easy.
·         The ‘Search’ Bar on the website is very important. Buyers make use of this bar to search for what they are looking for rather than going through the categories provided. The Search Tab should be within easy reach.
·         Making use of quality photographs is important. When possible, always make sure that you put up original pictures of your products rather than reference pictures as these can have a negative impact.
·         Always make sure that your ecommerce website provides customer service. This includes hints and advice during the buying process, easy-to-understand exchange, return and refund policies, good content information, and online support through chat or email.
·         Always make customer reviews and testimonials visible on your website. In clothing for instance, pictures of buyers in their new clothes are a good incentive for other visitors. For furniture, a picture of how it has been incorporated into a real home is a great way to sell.
Designing your online shop is an important task. Remembering to include the advice above can go a long way into helping you create an Ecommerce Website that is successful. To speak to the experts please contact us at Ecomsolutions, we are happy to help!

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