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Website Development issues: Wordpress Websites Versus Bespoke .php Websites
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03 March 2017

To explain briefly
- PHP is server side (scripting) programming language like ruby, java, python. It is used by web developers like us to create wonderful and varied websites
- WordPress is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySql used to create a variety of website designs from templates and plugins

The answer to the question 'Which is best?' is of course that there are horses for courses

Using wordpress for website design producing a nice looking websites that is not too compicated is a popular idea but if you are not careful the website design can look a bit 'samey' (similar to the many other wordpress designed websites out there). Also as the software is so well known a wordpress created website can be more vulnerable to hacking etc than an non wordpress site

Designing a bespoke site using MYSQL .php does give one the flexibility to create a totally bespoke site that does not look like any other and you can add whatever functions and features you like. The sites are less vulnerable to hacking attacks as hackers are not so familiar with such sites

On completion, when we hand over the website to the client the client has the option of either managing the website themselves, or asking us to do it, or we do a combination of the two options

Some clients feel more comfortable editing their site using wordpress ... especially if they are familiar with wordpress. Others are happier with the cms panel that we provide that would have been built to enable easy editing of most of the site

When considering the cost of building such websites the cost of creating a website in Wordpress varies as much as does the cost of creating a web site in .php or indeed any other protocol. A wordpress site is built around certain free basic elements and then one pays for extra/different themes/modules

As you can imagine with the world wide web it means just that. As website designers in Billingshurst, West Sussex we provide web development services both locally in towns like Billingshurst and Horsham and in counties like Sussex and Surrey but we also design and run responsive web designed sites all over the UK. In addition we offer our services worldwide  and have many clients who have used our web design services abroad whether the client is in Switzerland like Lovell Camps, Spain like El Tornero 

The best answer to the website design question 'Which is best' is probably to chat with us and together we can decide whether we should design your website using Wordpress or .PHP

For your web site deign requirements we do hope you will contact us


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