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What is Social Media Optimisation?
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23 December 2021

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a term that is thrown around regularly and most of us are familiar with it. It helps websites with better ranking across search engine results. Social media optimisation (SMO) on the other hand makes use of digital marketing methods that focus on creating engaging social media platforms which can drive traffic back to your website.

What are the elements that fall under SMO?

Shareable Content
This forms the foundation of any social media optimisation strategy. Social media platforms need content that can be shared easily and is the kind that people would want to share. This includes having a blog on your website, the links of which can be shared across your platforms which will in turn drive traffic back to your website.

Adding Social Media Buttons to your Website
Sharing content becomes easy when you add share and social media link buttons on your website or blog. This encourages your visitors to share, recommend as well as bookmark your content.

Provide Value
Any content that can provide value to your visitors goes a long way in creating a base of loyal followers. Your content can include outbound links. This may not drive traffic to your website directly, but it will make sure you have a steady stream of visitors who come back for the information that you share. Valuable content also helps with your SEO as Google has algorithms that put useful resources at the top of the SERPs.

Consistent Content Sharing
Sharing content consistently on your social media platforms is important. If you lack consistency the social media algorithms are going to push you down and anything that you post randomly will not pop up in people’s feeds.

Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe
This is important, especially in your early days, as businesses generally return the favour which help you to gain followers. Keeping up with the trends is as important. There are trending reels for instance that might get you good viewership. Videos in general are better when it comes to viewership. Again, it is important that you make content that counts. Consistency is important but always remember, it is quality over quantity.

Do SEO and SMO work together?
Yes, these two elements go hand in hand and if applied well can give you better exposure. SEO is an important part of digital marketing and SMO is getting more popular by the day as social media has become a huge part of our everyday life. Hence it is likely that if you do one and ignore the other, it will not bear enough fruit.

At Ecom Solutions we specialise in both SEO and SMO. If you require search engine optimisation in Midhurst or any or the surrounding West Sussex areas get in touch with us today.

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