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Why SEO Content and Blog Writing Are Still Important
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09 January 2019

Good content is the most important driving force for better search engine page rankings. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and quality content go hand in hand and one cannot do well without the other. 

Good quality content can easily push a websites ranking position to the top of the page. This is due to the content, not the looks of a website that affects the page rankings. When content is relevant, well written and informative, it delivers value. 

Not only helping you be found on a search, relevant content ensures that people find what they are looking for and the likelihood of them sharing your links are increased. This ensures better results through social media and networking websites. 

The basic principals of SEO and content are that for the content to have any SEO value it needs to be beneficial to readers. So when well-written content includes relevant information about your product or service that people would search for, it is advantageous for you. Quality blogs that are informative and audience centric also ensure good SEO results. 

Good content effortlessly drives traffic to the website. If your website looks great but lacks recent and relevant content, it may be limited in who can find it. It is the quality of the written word that adds value. Great content always consists of keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Keywords are very important for search engines to filter your website when displaying results for a particular search. 

Traffic is also vital for every website, especially an online shop. Without a good number of visitors to your page, your sales are unlikely to show much growth. Engaging content is the best way of ensuring that you get a lot of traffic. The right content also ensures that the traffic that you get is the target audience and not some random traffic that is unlikely to convert to sales.

It is said that browsers look at a site for an average of 8 seconds, will they get what they need to read on, or be lost as they move on? 

Content is the at the core of everything digital! Without great content there is nothing that is going to drive traffic or push your rankings higher. Every company should focus on their content and nominate someone to keep on updating your content on a daily basis.

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