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Will AI replace web designers in future?
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12 September 2023

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been making major strides in the website industry. But the main question that arises is, will AI be able to replace the human touch completely? Will graphic designers and website designers become obsolete in the near future?

Lets find out.

AI is highly beneficial in terms of designing websites, but at the end of the day it is just manmade artificial intelligence. It cannot be made as dynamic as the human experience.

Although, it can assist web designers to reduce their manual mundane work. AI developed tools used for web designing can automate regular tasks.

With Artificial Intelligence developing, there is a complete tectonic shift. But, people forget that for ultimate customisation as per requirements, AI can only support but not give the completely desired result.

AI supported tools provides ready-made templates to work with, but these templates cannot be automatically edited unless done by the individual.

Every business owner wants to reduce their costs and hence would want to avoid paying additional charges to any designer to do the job that AI tools could do themselves.

However, these templates are not completely editable. Any images that need to be cropped to perfection with intricacies cannot be done via AI tools.

At the end of the day, to answer the question if AI will be able to replace web designers, the answer is NO. Artificial Intelligence is an excellent support to designers and their work but they cannot be the only thing used to create websites to perfection, specially complex websites that require a lot of coding.

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