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Landing Pages That Convert into Leads - Simple Effective Ways to Keep Your Customers Attention

Landing pages are standalone pages that grab the buyer’s attention and entice them to go for your product or service. 
Effective landing pages are standalone pages that focus on a call to action (CTA) that is aimed at your target audience creating the right leads. You need to put in serious thought and effort when designing your landing pages to grab and retain the attention of the target audience and inspire them to buy your product or go for your service.

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Is https good for search engine optimisation (SEO)?

‘HTTPS’ is the acronym for ‘Hypertext Transport Protocol Security’. This is a way of ensuring that the information shared between the browser (user/customer) and a web server is secure through authentication and encryption. Most websites that contain or store sensitive information are usually HTTPS, this is now easy to implement, and becoming a standard or ‘norm’

HTTPS adds a layer of security to your website. Any information shared cannot be used if accessed, for example credit card information, browsing history, logins or email addresses. This is because all the communication, including the URLs are encrypted and protected and are therefore secure. With this level are security, your users and their browsers are likely to prefer an HTTPS site over an HTTP site.

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Benefits of choosing a website redesign company near Worthing

Does your website grab the attention it deserves as soon as a person sees it? Is the design captivating enough? Is your website the best portrayal of your product or service? Is it responsive, user friendly, easy to navigate through? These are a few of the parameters that you should be looking at in case you feel that your website is not living up to expectations. When your website is falling short on any of these fronts, you should give thought to a website redesign.

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New site for Flying Fantastic

Proud to announce the new website for Flying Fantastic.
As part of their expansion plans where they have taken on an additional very large location the website has been modernised.

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New Website for a Chimney Sweeping company in Billingshurst near Horsham, West Sussex

Designed and launched this small website for Four Seasons Fuel, Near Billingshurst, Horsham
It covers their chimney sweeping operation that operates within a 15 mile radius of Horsham
It is an HTML website backed by CMS so the site owner can change things when required

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We are top of the pack thanks to good SEO

Proud to announce that BrownriggInteriors.co.uk remains high up in the search engine rankings for the vast majority of Brownrigg's keywords
This has been achieved for many years in spite of the constant changing and refinement of the various search engines including Google and Bing

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Refreshed look website for Arcadia Antiques

Client wanted to refresh the look of the original design we did for Arcadia Antiques many years ago.
He was particularly keen to keep the original navigation structure and show large clean images

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New Chimney Sweep Site built in West Sussex

At ecomsolutions we created and launched a simple website for a West Sussex chimney sweep.
The site incoporates an online booking system

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West Sussex Furniture Renovation Firm Get Online

We built a simple HTML site for this client that works in conjunction with his main site www.antique-tables.co.uk

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Our Reputation For Promiting Websites is Spreading Worldwide!

Purely through recommendation by happy clients who are already benefiting from our expert SEO services we are getting more wonderful clients from all over the world who want us to help them get to the top of search engines.

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Website Development issues: Wordpress Websites Versus Bespoke .php Websites

As website designers, whilst we can and do build a web site using various mediums there are two main methods. For certain sites we often do website designs using either Wordpress and for other websites we use or .php. with cms.
Which is best?


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Four Seasons offers great local chimney sweeping service

The well respected family firm in west sussex that sells firewood, kindling, coal, bottled gas, charcoal, charcoal retorts, wood processing equipment and more are now offering a wonderful chimney sweeping service. To support this we have produced a small website. Ideal in size and fit for purpose.

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Don't be the last to upgrade your website to a responsive web design

With over 50% or web users accessing via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones it is important that your website is adapted to ensure it looks good on such devices.... This making good processes is called making responsive.

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Building an affective website is more than just building a nice looking one

Until recently businesses would hire a web designer to make a website “look pretty” based on the company’s images and text. Once the build was complete the website designer would add SEO codes to optimise the site.

Today, SEO, content, strategy, user experience, website functionality and design are all integrated because you really can’t have one without the other, SEO needs to be deeply integrated into the design process. In fact, many now believe that web design should revolve around SEO, rather than the other way around. This is our approach at ecomsolutions.

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Relaunch of www.antiqueoakfurniture.co.uk

This aged website was finally relaunched with a simpler layout and larger images and a whole new website design using .php instead of .asp
It will be much easier to navigate, is mobile friendly and so much easier for search engines like google to register and promote


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New Wordpress Site Goes Live

Just completed a new website for Petworth Fringe in Petworth
As they have some wordpress editing skills in house we built this site in wordpress so they could edit it themselves

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Has your website been upgraded to a be responsive?

A responsive website is a web site that has been modified to show well on all devices... it is responsive so adjusts to fit the varying display requirements of all devices be they a small smartphone screen, larger tablet or full sized PC screen.

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SEO (Search engine optimisation) Services For Website In Geneva, Switzerland

Our reputation spreads far and wide. We are now optimising and promoting the web site of Balima Spa in Geneva.
On site and off site SEO to raise the visitor level of this wonderful site that offers a great service to those in Geneva

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Our Search Engine Optimisation Methods Prove Successful

See what one of our clients in Switzerland says.......

"It is great to see that the rankings have improved so quickly we are delighted about that. We seem to be getting more referrals from google and in particular tripadvisor is working well."

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Another Wordpress site Successfully Launched

Petfringe.co.uk is a website for the Fringe Festival at Petworth. Written in wordpress as the client was already familiar with editing such sites
The site works well on both PC and mobile devices. This is essential these days as over 50% of internet viewers now use a mobile devices to see websites (Devices such as smartphones and tablets by Apply, Samsung etc)

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Build your Brand with Professional SEO Services

What are the attributes that a person generally looks for in a website?
Here are a few:
- Usefulness with relevant and quality content
- Usability by giving the users ease of navigation and a great user experience
- Appealing in terms of design and should have the ability to draw the target audiences and should be easily Accessible & Visible.

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Launch of Wisborough Green Parish Council's New Website

 Very pleased to report the successful completion of a project to redesign and launch a new website  for Wisborough Green PC.
Built in wordpress it is possible for the WG PC clerk, and others with access, to be able to edit the site themselves.

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Benefits of Ecommerce Web Development Services West Sussex

Hiring a web development services company for your ecommerce website will give you a user-friendly, functional and a very attractive e-commerce website for your business with no hassle and at little cost

With a good E-Commerce website in place the online presence and the reach of your business improves to a great extent covering the world markets too

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Organic SEO services. ecomsolutions at West Sussex

If you think SEO is just a fancy concept and an added expense for your business, think again.
For those sceptics here we give you a list of reasons why you need organic SEO services to help change your mind about the need for it.
As compared to the other costs of marketing, SEO costs are less and tend to work better.
Paid for ads like Google and / or BING adwords are no longer enough to get the expected results.

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Website Redesign, West Sussex

If you wish to update your existing site we can help you here at Ecomsolutions. We not only redesign and rebuild your website, but also make sure that it works smoothly while you get on with managing your business. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we can get started. You can call us anytime for anything you need.

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Welcome to The Arundel Carpet Company

Just completed and launched a refreshed site for Graham Denyer of The Arundel Carpet Company, Arundel, West Sussex

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Importance of CMS website design in West Sussex

 It is true that hiring a web development company to take care of your day to day website requirements for you can help your business grow a great deal. But there are certain businesses that require the owners themselves or people who are well versed with the business to handle and take care of the website without going back to the developer for every small update.

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Relaunch of Crafty Snippets

Crafty Snippets used to run using JOOMLA software but when UK2 withdrew support for it Crafty Snippets asked us to rebuild the site

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The Increasing need of website maintenance services. By ecomsolutions - West Sussex

In the earlier times when the Internet world was not so easily accessible to the masses and a selected few made use of the internet facilities, having a decent website in place was kind of enough to generate a few good leads. Occasionally updating the website with the latest update was sufficient to keep it going. Fast forward to the current times ....

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Lili Boutique Goes For A Web Site Refresh

To reflect the new spring / summer season of 2018 Lili Boutique have refreshed their website.
The databased website reflects the increased number of fashion houses they represent in their two outlets, based in Chichester and Petworth .... both West Sussex


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Sussex Lighting Repairs Solves Lighting Problems

We designed and launched this new website that offers a lighting repairs service for lighting in and around West Sussex

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Build Your Brand by Website Branding Service Providers in West Sussex

 Many people consider your website is the best medium for visual branding and that having a strong brand is paramount for the success of your business. It helps provide your business recognition and fame which are the prerequisites for success. Your website can showcase your brand in the best possible manner. It gives your potential customers an insight into your company, products and services and shows how you are different than your competitors.

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Readers Good Books website launch

Pleased to say that we have designed and launched another website.
This time in wordpress and supports a new book shop in Petworth, West Sussex

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Choosing a Small Business Website Design Service in West Sussex

Do you have your own business and plan to make the best use of the digital medium?
Having a good website up and running that showcases your products or services in the best possible manner is very important.
Here are a few quick tips to help you choose the right company to work with you building this website.
Firstly you should ideally go for an experienced website design company. Although the newbies might have a fresh take on the ideas, it is the experienced ones alone that will give you a technically sound website. And the experienced ones can always have fresh talent to come up with great ideas.

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New Website Launched - Shepherd Delights - Cakes for everyone and every occasion

Another great product from our website design team based here in Billingshurst, West Sussex
Fully optimised to meet Google's  latest requirements. Fully responsive to look good on mobiles and 'fully' secure on a secure server

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GDPR Progress

We are currently helping our websites meet the various GDPR requirements in time for 25 May deadline

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The importance of professional web hosting services

Web hosting services include the storing of the website files, information and content that is required to make the website live. You can say that Web hosting is like renting a space on a remote computer for which you are charged monthly or annually. A reputable company providing reliable web hosting services is an important part of building a successful website. For your website to be successful it is important how it is delivered to the customer. It should be available for your customers at any time of the day or night.

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Wordpress or .PHP? Which is best?

When it comes to deciding what to build a website in, of the two favourites Wordpress has come along in leaps and bounds recently and the various plug ins make it very versatile.
However a bespoke site built using .PHP can’t be beaten when it comes to handling databases etc
Let us help you decide

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Essential Website Support

For your website to run smoothly, continuous website support and maintenance is of utmost importance. From trivial technical issues to major problems, if you have a support system in place, it can take care of any website woes within no time at all. If you have an in house support great. But having someone in house can be an expensive affair which is not really worth it when you have so many professionals to take care of this task for you.

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Benefits of choosing Reliable and Quality Web Designing Services in West Sussex

There are a number of factors that come into play while defining your online presence, the most important being a good website. Having a good online presence is very important and a website is the face of your business on the internet. It makes sense to invest in a good company that will not only create a good website for you but ensure that it is in tandem with your product or service.

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New website for John Bird Antiques

We are pleased to announce we have just developed and launched a new website for John Bird Antiques who operate from Petworth and Billingshurst in West Sussex. Like others in the antiques trade he realises the need for a good website that is simple to navigate, easy for Google to read and promote and also simple for him to operate.

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The Importance of Choosing Web Development Services for a Customized Website - Reminder!

When you visit a website, how long does it take for you to make up your mind looking at the website whether you are going to go ahead with that company or service? Just a few seconds? First impressions are very important and that is the reason why choosing the right web development service is so important. If your website looks amateurish or insignificant, no one is going to take it seriously.

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Launch of Refreshed Webiste for Lovell Camps in Switzerland

We are proud to announce the launch of this fresh new site for the wonderful Lovell Camps who host summer and winter camps in the beautiful Swiss Alps for individuals, schools and groups. Client says "Great site. Finally we have a site that is easy to update. Thank you".

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Four Seasons Fuel revamps their site

At Coneyhurst near Billingshurst in West Sussex Four Seasons Fuel sells logs, kindling, coal, charcoal, charcoal retorts, wood processing machinery such as log splitters, bottled gas (via its sister company LPGGasbottles.co.uk) and much much more!

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We are a web design company in Billingshurst, West Sussex offering web development services in Sussex and indeed worldwide

In addition to our website design services we also offer responsive web design services and ecommerce web development services. We also offer website and email hosting, email newsletter service and 24/7 support. Our web site search engine optimisation (SEO) services ensure your site has the best possible chance of being seen in the organic listings of search engines.
Whilst many of our happy clients are local in places such as Billingshurst, Petworth, Horsham, Crawley, Midhurst, Brighton and Worthing etc most are scattered throughout the UK and many are worldwide in places such as Geneva, New Zealand and France