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Landing Pages That Convert into Leads - Simple Effective Ways to Keep Your Customers Attention
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10 November 2018

Landing pages are standalone pages that grab the buyer’s attention and entice them to go for your product or service. 
Effective landing pages are standalone pages that focus on a call to action (CTA) that is aimed at your target audience creating the right leads. You need to put in serious thought and effort when designing your landing pages to grab and retain the attention of the target audience and inspire them to buy your product or go for your service.
Landing pages can make a very effective marketing tool and are beneficial for literally any type of business. Unlike your home page, these put emphasis on your short-term goals by highlighting them and in turn increase directed traffic. The aim of landing pages can be anything from selling more products, gaining new customers, providing information about your products or services or offering discounts.
Your landing pages make good space for your campaigns, target audiences, events and promotions etc with a direct call to action prompting your visitors to go ahead with the deal. 
If you have not worked on landing pages yet, maybe it’s time that you give a thought to it. Here are a few tips to make sure that your landing pages will effectively convert leads:
First of all, loading time is important. Even a slight delay in the loading of your landing page can have a negative impact on your conversion rate. 
Having a clear idea of the short-term goals is very important. For instance, you can have a sign up page and a product page. While the sign-up page helps you grow your lists, the product page allows you to advertise your website and sell your product or service. 
Considering your target audience is necessary. Having customer specific landing pages can help in this regard. To send out different messages to different targets you can always resort to creating several landing pages. 
Quality content on the landing pages is a must. Without the right information displayed in the right manner, it is difficult to grab the attention of the visitors. The structure of the content needs consideration. The title should be catchy, the body informative and to the point highlighting the key points of your purpose. Quality of content is more important here than the quantity. Your CTA should be clear and should prompt your visitors to take quick action. You need to ensure that the CTA is relevant to the ad or campaign that a user clicked on to find that particular landing page. 
Apart from content, using videos or captivating images can boost your conversion rate to a great extent. 
In the case of forms, the number of fields do matter. Reducing the number of fields can drastically increase your conversion rate. 
You should always keep on testing your landing page for everything from your content to your CTA to images, videos, testimonials etc. As mentioned earlier, any change in the loading time can have a negative impact.
Lastly, your landing page should be mobile friendly in order to survive the competition. 
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