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Visual search in Google
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14 April 2021

Google Lens is a feature that lets the user search what they see and get things done faster using just the camera or a photo. Google Lens is actually a visual alternative to Alexa or Siri. It is an image recognition technology with which users can interact with real-world objects by making use of their phone cameras. It can scan or translate text, see the furniture in your house and also help you explore local landmarks.

What does this mean for search marketing?
According to Joe Laratro, Google certified marketing expert and CEO of Tandem Interactive, when it comes to image search, there are exciting possibilities to explore for marketing opportunities. Those who use it to search for specific products may have a very high intention to make a purchase. Brands need to make sure their information is clear on their products.

Here is how you can optimise your images to make the most out of Google Lens:
· Optimal image size is important. Large images that take time to load are not good for the customer experience. Especially for e-commerce websites that tend to have multiple images, optimum loading times are important.
· You must use as many images as possible which will increase your chances of appearing in Google results when an individual is making use of Google Lens.
· You must make use of short but descriptive image filenames.
· Your logo should be visible and must be present everywhere. Even for storefronts, the logo must be visible from the street. New AI search technologies are bound to change the way local businesses operate in the near future.
· Your alternative texts need to be optimised so as to provide Google with information about your visual content.
· Optimising the Exif data is another important step. The photo file data such as image size, date and time when it was taken, and geo-coordinates are automatically populated. Optimising this data is an important tactic.

If you have not paid much attention to image optimisation for Google, now is the time to go for it. Get in touch with us and we can help to further your Google marketing efforts.

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